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International Shipping of Human Remains

Let our loving and respect staff, help your family.  Here at Metropolitan Mortuary we have a staff member who is bi-lingual which helps us communicate properly with various foreign countries.  We are proficient in obtaining all the necessary documentation required by various consulates for international shipping nationwide.  Metropolitan Mortuary is certified as a "known shipper" by U.S. Transportation Service Administration and International Airlines.  We are professional, experienced in details and know how to properly embalm decedents for shipping.  You can be confident in our mortuary transportation, funeral and embalming services. 

The Mortuary Services

Includes the transfer of your loved one to our mortuary, bathing, embalming, procurement of the death certificate, preparation and filing transit permit, obtaining necessary consulate documentation, health letter and transfer to the airport. 
  Visitations and funeral services are also available prior to shipping. Our fees are the most reasonable in the Inland Empire and the surrounding area. You should not have to pay more than $10,000 to ship your loved one. Please contact us for additional information and flight fares today.  A complete general price of all the offerings are on this website and available at the mortuary.                                                                                                                                                                                                       PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the country, some consulates require one to four certified copies of the death certificate. Some also require an apostile of all the documents (official certification of signatures). Some countries also require a translation of documents by an "authorized" translator.  Additional fees will be added where appropriate.  Let Metropolitan Mortuary help you with your loved one.