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 General Price List and the
Metropolitan Mortuary Difference

Here you can download the general price list and some needed forms below.  Click the links to view our PDFs.

Effective December 7, 2016.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please check with us for possible changes if your purchase is deferred.

We create personalized tributes and funerals that are affordable and excellent presentations that are extraordinary, as well as memorable.  Other than price, how are we different?  We place extreme care into proper presentation and the physical appearance of your loved one. Traditional funeral homes cannot match the quality and the affordable experience we offer. Metropolitan Mortuary and Shun Newbern provides nearly 25 years experience of quality care to you and your family.

Below is a PDF copy of the current general price lists of our offerings.

.  Casket price list is available by request  at the mortuary.

- General Price List

- Authorization for Release

- Vitals Form

- Kern County Order of Release - Coroner Form

- San Diego Order of Release - Medical Examiner Form

- Orange County Order of Release - Coroner Form

- County of Los Angeles Order of Release - Coroner Form

- San Bernadino Order of Release - Coroner Form

- Riverside County 2014 Release of Property Form

- Riverside Coroner 2014 release of Remains Form