The Metropolitan Traditional Funeral Service

Services of the funeral director and staff

20 gauge metal casket – Fallbrook Silver 

Transfer of your loved one into our care

Professional Embalming

Cosmetology, Grooming and Dressing

Use of staff and equipment for church service

Use of staff and equipment for a scheduled graveside service (same day)

Funeral Coach and attendant

Total Itemized Fees $ 4,350.00, Discount (-1,300.00) Complete Package Price $ 3,050.00                                                 Please call funeral director for additional details on this package, other services and to make an appointment.  This offer only applies to at-need arrangements. 1-866-683-5940

No Cost Cremation

Free cremation is available for those who wish to consider whole body donation. We are now able to offer no cost cremation through our partnership with Science Care, the Nation's first accredited whole body donation program.

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  • Shun, Again, your company did an outstanding job for the family and I (we) appreciate you for that. Thanks again for it all, you have a class organization. My regards and congratulations to you and your people. Be well, keep doing great work and keep in touch.
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    Barnett Grier, Jr., December 05, 2014

  • My family thank you for the love and attention you gave us during our loss. I will contact the hospital to make sure that you are on their list of mortuaries to contact. Your price and services surpassed all the other places we called.
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    J & T Washington, November 05, 2014

  • Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our father the day of his services. We also appreciate your professionalism and services you provided to the Gonzales family. Thank You
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    Eva Elias and Ruben Gonzales, November 23, 2014

  • We were blessed to work with you and your staff during the hard season death brought to our family. Our loss of Larry, a courageous and bold husband and father, has been eased through the manner in which you cared for our family and provided such excellent service. The combination of your professionalism and caring heart is remarkably impressive. We sincerely thank you. Everyone in the family boasted of your good work. You have served this family well and we appreciate you. There have been several occasions we have conveyed the merits of you and your business to others who have expressed need for a mortuary. I pray that our compliments will be returned as customers, and that Father God bless you and your business with favor in the eyes of men. Grace and Peace on you, Shunn and your family
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    Alan Short, September 04, 2014

  • I would like to thank Metropolitan Mortuary for all that you have done during the time of my mom's passing. You are so To this day I am still struggling with the loss of my mother... I miss her so much.. But I have some comfort with her here with me.. I got her Urn and I thank you for bringing her and placing in a special place of my choosing. God Bless You!! And thanks again for your LOVE and Services.
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    Yucedra Smith, October 16, 2014

  • I have to say that Metropolitan Mortuary help for me and my family was outstanding. I was totally stressed out didn't think I was going to make it. Lydia assist me with so much love and compassion. I thank God for the wonderful Metropolitan Mortuary. May God continue to bless you ...
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    Terry Dixon, July 02, 2014

  • I was so stressed behind my mother’s service plans (in the hospital). Metropolitan, you put us at ease and kept us calm and gave us the best. I have helped others plan funerals of over 15 years and it must be said, you are guys are out of the box with service. Metropolitan is personal, give dire...ct attention to details and know ‘the flip’ what they are doing. I felt so good that our friends said, “they gave us water and snacks to our kids – who does that” “they were polite and nice to us”. My family got out of control, but you stepped in and handle things like pros. We will tell everyone how great Metropolitan is – we want you to blow up! My mom was in the hospital for 6 months, she looked damn good.
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    June Bly, July 30, 2014

  • Phone Call: “Hello, I know you don’t remember me from many months ago, but I remember you. You were so helpful and kind when I talked about you doing my dad’s service. I wanted to thank you even though we did not you use your mortuary. My sister decided on another place, but they (the other mortua...ry) were not as together as you. It was chaotic, they were rude. I don’t want to speak badly of another place, but I regret not following my heart to use you guys. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong (sobbing, tears) . He really deserved better. Mr. Newbern you are now my recommendation. You know how to make people feel comfortable during a difficult time and I know the service would have been better.”
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    Demi Yu, September 02, 2014

  • You guys do great work. Over the months he lost weight and you did a great job restoring him. You clearly understand how to take care of families.
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    Chaplain Ves, Vitas Hospice, January 31, 2014

  • Metropolitan was a great recommendation. You explained everything and took us by the hand to make things easier. You made my wife and our mother beautiful beyond all the pain that she went through. Great service. We will tell everyone about you guys.
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    Bustos Family, January 04, 2014


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