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We know that, in today’s economy, it’s imperative that you know what options are available to you so that you can discuss the merits of each in the privacy of your home. Naturally we’re always here to answer your questions and meet you in your home for the arrangement meeting. Feel free to call us anytime to explore the variety of ways you can care for both your loved one’s memory and their physical remains.  Metropolitan Mortuary is the next generation of funeral service execellence.

This website gives you an idea of the service we do provide for you and your loved one.  Give us a call and allow us to explore the various plans for all faiths, to give your service that special touch.                                                                                                                             

Caskets: We offer many styles and prices of caskets from which to select. Since many caskets that seem similar in appearance may differ greatly in quality and construction, we offer the following to assist you in making an informed decision: The two basic types of caskets are gasketed and non-gasketed. Gasketed means the casket is designed by the manufacturer to resist entrance of air, water or other outside elements.                                                                                                                              Non-gasketed means the casket is not designed by the manufacturer to resist entrance of these elements.